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A number of power outages were reported as the storm rolled through Portland Metro station and along the Oregon coast. The storm, which had wind speeds of up to 60 mph and gusts of up to 80 mph, caused power outages and property damage and toppled trees, power lines and power poles in Portland, Oregon. Power outages are expected in the city of Portland and several other parts of Oregon and Washington state after winter storm KLTV.

A very destructive hurricane swept from Cape Hatteras to the Chesapeake Bay, crossed southeast Massachusetts, swept over New Jersey and Long Island, and swept across the country, including here in Pennsylvania, setting records in that country - including in our recorded history. The Northeast was blanketed by the first major storm of the season, which buried parts of upstate New York with more than 3 feet of snow and also broke records in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

According to our tourism results, the best time of year to visit Philadelphia for general outdoor activities is late June to early September. Based on these scores, there is a high probability that Philadelphia will be visited in late July, early August, and late August for warm weather activities such as hiking, biking, camping, fishing, or kayaking, and in the summer months of August and September. The best time of year for visiting Philadelphia for warmer weather activities are late May to mid-June, late April to late October, except for early May and early June for the warmest weather, according to our assessment.

While the start of the week could bring a few temporary showers and thunderstorms with the establishment of cold air, we should take a close look at the track and strength of the storms. There will likely be several mixed winter storms and we expect some rain and snow showers to continue. If this does not happen, a mixture of rain, snow or a combination of both is likely, with a high probability of rainfall in the form of heavy rain or snow.

Robertson County officials say residents should expect power outages locally, but they should be short-term and residents are still being asked to prepare. Robertson County officials say residents should not expect a power outage on the ground and that it should be a short-term power outage We are still asking residents to prepare for a few days of heavy rain or snow with a high probability.

Forecasters say they can help plan the latest weather news. Check out the latest weather forecasts from the National Weather Service in Harrisburg and the PennDOT Weather Prediction Center here.

Live VIPIR radar is available on the National Weather Service in Harrisburg and the PennDOT Weather Prediction Center here. Here you can also find the latest weather information from the U.S. Air Force Meteorological Office and live VIPir radar from the University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University and other locations in the state.

The National Weather Service in Harrisburg and the PennDOT Weather Prediction Center here for the latest weather information from the U.S. Air Force's weather office.

The State Museum of Pennsylvania is one of the largest museums in the United States with more than 2,000 exhibits and offers a wide range of exhibits on the history of our state and its people. Harrisburg is home to the Pennsylvania State Capitol, the House of Representatives and the United States House of Representatives. The sprawling city has a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels and other accommodations, some of which are located near the PennDOT Weather Prediction Center, as well as a popcorn movie theater. With a break from the bustling business district of the city, it also offers the University of Pittsburgh, Penn State University and a number of colleges and universities.

The breaking news was Arizona being overtaken by Arizona for the first time in the history of the U.S. National Weather Service.

I just launched the app and the place popped up with animated weather that allowed me to easily tell if rain was approaching. TX animated the included radar, weather map and graphics, with the option to see a static view. The Javascript loop displays the current temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, as well as the weather forecast.

Amarillo is a regional economic hub in the Texas Panhandle and home to the University of Texas at Amarillo and the US Air Force Academy. Weather Underground is offering a weather forecast for the Harrisburg area from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT Monday through Friday. In the Amarillos region, it offers the same forecasts as the rest of the state, as well as weather forecasts for Texas, New Mexico, Texas A & M University and Texas Tech.

Designed for meteorologists and weather enthusiasts, it features interactive weather maps that allow you to zoom in and pan to get unmatched weather details. The U.S. weather network is in Lubbock, TX, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT. It is the official weather network of the University of Texas at Amarillo and Texas Tech University.

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